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In this edition of our Speaker Series we sit down with Teressa Carter and Femi Olukoya to discuss mental health and our veterans. 

Many aspects of military life has unique challenges. In this conversation Sally, Teressa, and Femi discuss the difficulties of transition from military to civilian life both from the veteran’s perspective and military family perspectives, the complexity of relationships for veterans transitioning out of military service, why veteran mental health matters to civilians, and how we can do better by those who have served. 

Teressa is a licensed clinical social worker based in Texas, her family has a long history of military service and she has spent many years embedded on base and with military units offering mental health services. 

Femi is a licensed professional counselor and also a U.S. Navy Veteran. Femi’s story is special as he morning he graduated from bootcamp was the morning of 9/11. He draws upon his active duty experience to offer points of connection and care for the active duty and veteran clients he treats now as an LPC.