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Heading is a mental healthcare provider. We meet you wherever you are in your mental health journey and offer a personalized and holistic approach to treatment, guided by cutting-edge research and technology. Our continuum of care includes talk therapy and medication management, as well as immersive therapies like Spravato® and Sublingual ketamine.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a new model of mental healthcare that is outcomes-focused, comprehensive, and accessible for all. Unlike most mental health providers, we accept insurance, paving the way for more people to get the treatment they deserve.

The Heading difference

We’re reimagining mental healthcare to focus on you.

Comprehensive: One approach won’t work for everyone. We offer a range of treatments and use technology to design personalized care plans backed by data.


Innovation-driven: Heading combines innovations in therapeutics, insurance policy coverage, and data science to optimize patient experiences for outcomes, access, and affordability.


Collaborative: Our psychiatrists, therapists, nurse practitioners, and technicians believe in working as a team to achieve optimal results.


Accessible and affordable: We accept most major insurance policies and promise to handle all communications with your plan.

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