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Sublingual Ketamine

Feel like yourself again and discover rapid healing ketamine therapy.

Ketamine is a breakthrough treatment for depression and anxiety disorders with results optimized when in combination with therapy. 


Often people feel benefits within the first hours and days of treatment, with many achieving remission over the course of care. This treatment is designed to unlock therapeutic pathways as part of a broader care plan.

A simple, straightforward process

1. Connect with Care

You may be referred to Heading for ketamine treatment by your psychiatrist, or reach out to us directly for a consultation to determine your eligibility.


Ketamine is used to treat depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

2. Meet Your Team

Visit with your Heading care team virtually for initial appointment and treatment planning. 



During this 1-hour session, you and a Heading clinician will discuss your history, current symptoms, and treatment options, including ketamine. 

3. Focus on Healing

Ketamine treatment typically involves several sessions over three weeks — then maintenance sessions determined by you and your team. 

During each session, you’ll be administered ketamine by sublingual troche. 

Heading’s doctors and care team are present to support you before, during, and after treatment and help you integrate the experience.

The science behind ketamine

Ketamine targets specific brain receptors to promote new, healthy connections between nerve cells. Its effects include pain relief, relaxation, and more flexible thinking.


Over time, mental and physical illnesses put stress on the body, which leads to damaged synapses in the brain. Ketamine helps regenerate these neural pathways, creating the conditions for therapeutic growth and change.


Ketamine treatment, in combination with therapy and lifestyle changes, may  help support new modes of thinking, feeling, and mood to improve quality of life and aide in healing from long-standing and hard-to-treat stress disorders such as treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Ketamine has been shown to be an effective treatment for a range of conditions, including depression and anxiety, but also PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, migraine, and fibromyalgia. Your provider can determine if you are a good candidate for Ketamine treatment, and whether this may be an optimal treatment for you.

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