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At Heading we believe healing is possible.  

Receive advanced, compassionate, team-based care through virtual therapy, virtual psychiatry, and IM Ketamine and Spravato® treatments at our centers.

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Chad Johnson Headshot
Chad Johnson
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I want my patients to know, I want to partner with them in their mental health journey, they are not alone.

Consuela Harris Headshot
Consuela "Swae" Harris
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I am motivated by the goal of ensuring a highly informed and adept approach to conducting patient assessments, aiming to prevent recidivism through the implementation of evidence-based practice.


When addressing symptoms of mental health disorders, the combination of medication and therapy has demonstrated some of the most effective outcome results.

Dana Ebeling
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I want patients to know this: I listen.

Emma_Heading Website_Headshot
Emma Smith

I practice inclusivity of all cultures and identities. I have authentic curiosity in what makes us all unique and aim to foster a supportive environment to address mental health needs.

Joseph Swider, DO

I went into the field of psychiatry because I believe that depression and anxiety should never hold anyone back from leading the life they deserve.  I look forward to helping patients find their way out of struggle and into a place where they can thrive.

Pamela Dockery_circle frame
Pamela Dockery
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I am open minded and a very good listener.  I use a person centered approach as human connection is very important to me. Mental health impacts all aspects of life and I understand the vulnerability it takes to reach out for help. If you're struggling having access to a full toolkit - pharmaceuticals, treatments, therapy, social connectiveness, and caring for mind, body, and spirit - makes a huge difference with feeling better and thriving.

Tabitha Ross Headshot 2
Tabitha Ross
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I listen to my patients and have strong communication skills. I am willing to go the extra mile for each patient to achieve their goals.


Andrea Marquez
LCSW Supervisor

I enjoy working with adults of all backgrounds and seek to create a warm, open, and non-judgmental space for each person I work with. I believe that no matter how complex and confusing life's issues may appear, there is always the opportunity for growth, healing and understanding. I look forward to collaborating with you and building with you!

Susan “Sunne” M. Hogan

You are not alone in this. Seeking help does not mean that you are 'crazy." It just means that you know that something's happening in your brain and body, and you may not have the energy or understanding to get yourself through it alone. Help is available.

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