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Discover the change you’ve been looking for with the latest FDA-approved treatment.

Spravato® is a nasal spray prescribed for treatment-resistant depression. Unlike oral antidepressants, which can take several weeks to months to work, the effects of Spravato are typically felt within hours, unlocking a pathway to healing for patients who have not responded to oral antidepressants and/or therapy alone.

A simple, straightforward process
1. Intake & Preparation

At Heading, we offer Spravato treatment to patients who qualify under their insurance plan and in accordance with FDA’s safety requirements. Most insurance companies require at least two prior antidepressant trials, and for patients to be taking an oral antidepressant during the course of Spravato treatment.

2. In-Person Consultation

Visit our treatment center for your in-person consultation. During this 1-hour session, you and a Heading clinician will discuss your history, current symptoms, and treatment options, including Spravato. After scheduling your first dosing session, you’ll tour the facility and meet other Heading staff.

3. Personalized Treatment

Spravato appointments are typically scheduled twice weekly for the first month, and once weekly for the second month. You will self-administer the nasal spray under the supervision of your prescriber — then sit back, relax, and allow the effects to unfold. Each session lasts about two hours.

The science behind Spravato

Spravato targets the glutamate system in the brain, which plays an important role in healthy brain functioning. Glutamate is a highly abundant neurotransmitter, responsible for facilitating signals between nerve cells.

Although Spravato’s exact mechanism of action is not yet known, it’s thought to create new connections in the brain, allowing for behavioral and cognitive changes to occur more readily and rapidly in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Clinical trials have shown a 69% response rate and 52% remission rate in patients treated with Spravato.

Begin your journey

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    Discuss our services with your provider and have them reach out.

  2. Schedule your consultation.

    Our intake specialist will reach out to help you schedule your consultation.

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