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Find lasting change from home with teletherapy.
Learn how to overcome struggles of depression or anxiety with the help and support of our licensed psychiatrists and therapists.

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What is the difference between telepsychiatry and teletherapy?

The key difference between psychiatry and therapy is that psychiatry primarily treats mental health conditions with medication while therapy, also called “talk therapy,” is a broader term that typically refers to counseling sessions. 

Both of these options are:

Insurance Accepted

Provides Effective Relief From Depression or Anxiety 

Offers Therapy When You Need It

How to get started

1. 15 minute intake call

Chat with one of our team members to verify your eligibility for treatment, confirm your insurance coverage and schedule your consultation. 

2. Consult with a clinician

This in-person or telehealth consultation will help determine your personalized treatment plan with one of our specialists.

3. Begin your series

Start your journey to finding lasting change based on a schedule of at-home sessions that is determined by you and your clinician. 

We’ve helped thousands of patients

Easy, quick scheduling — no waiting for your first appointment

Therapy, medication management, and innovative treatments in one place

Vetted network of experienced providers

Covered by most major insurance companies

Dedicated team here to support you at every step 

Life-changing results from patients

All the staff at the clinic goes above and beyond. They truly care and take their time to make sure I understand everything and am comfortable.


[Heading] has absolutely changed my life! My body heals faster. I actually feel motivation, and best of all, I am living instead of existing. 


A few weeks in, I started to feel a level of calmness and comfort outside of the treatments, just in my day to day life — taking walks, around the house or even at work. A bit of Zen that I didn’t have prior [teletherapy].


Still have questions?

If you choose to do both psychiatry and therapy with us, think of Heading as your mental health homebase. Your providers are a team, and will collaborate with each other — and with you — to ensure that your treatment matches your needs and goals at every step. If you receive a referral from an existing provider (i.e. primary care doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist), we’re also happy to work in partnership with them to personalize your treatment.

All Heading providers have a reasonable caseload so they can offer you their undivided attention during sessions. Initial consultations for both psychiatry and therapy are 60 minutes. Psychiatry follow-ups are approximately 30 minutes, while ongoing therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes.

No, our psychiatry providers are not able to prescribe controlled substances via telepsychiatry. This includes amphetamine-based medicines for ADHD (e.g. Adderall, Ritalin), as well as benzodiazepines (e.g. Xanax, Klonopin) prescribed for acute anxiety, panic disorder, and insomnia.