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What is Spravato®?

Derived from ketamine, Spravato® is a breakthrough nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression that helps to escape negative thought patterns and consolidate new pathways.

Spravato® is:

FDA approved

Covered by insurance

Offers rapid relief

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3. Consult with a prescriber

An in-person or telehealth consultation to explore the right plan for your needs with one of our prescribers.

4. Begin your series

One to two times a week you’ll visit our welcoming locations to receive Spravato® and meet your care team—then sit back, relax, and allow the effects to unfold.

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I’m less on edge and able to handle any situations that may arise without getting overly emotional about things. I think that’s been a big day to day change that I’ve experienced from Spravato.


All the staff at the clinic goes above and beyond. They truly care and take their time to make sure I understand everything and am comfortable.


[Heading] has absolutely changed my life! My body heals faster. I actually feel motivation, and best of all, I am living instead of existing.


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There are several differences between Spravato® and ketamine, though more data is needed to fully understand how both work. On a basic level, Spravato® is the brand name for the compound esketamine, which is derived from isolating one component of ketamine. Ketamine has a longer history, as well, though it’s not FDA-approved to treat depression. That brings us to a key difference in terms of access and cost: Spravato® is covered by insurance, while ketamine is not. Clinical trials have shown a 69% response rate and 52% remission rate in patients treated with Spravato®.

Although the exact mechanism of action is not yet known, Spravato® is thought to create new connections in the brain by targeting the glutamate system, which is responsible for facilitating communication between nerve cells. This is referred to as neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to change and adapt. By increasing neuroplasticity, Spravato® appears to help behavioral and cognitive changes occur more rapidly in patients with treatment-resistant depression.

If Spravato® treatment is not covered by your insurance plan, we encourage you to consider intramuscular ketamine as an alternative, more affordable treatment. If you choose to self-pay for Spravato®, the cost will likely vary based on dosage and the current retail price, but typically lands between $800-$900 per treatment, in addition to the cost of office visits.

Spravato® is the brand name for esketamine (a version of ketamine) nasal spray, which is prescribed as a fast-acting treatment for treatment-resistant depression. At Heading, we offer Spravato® to patients who qualify under their insurance plan and in accordance with FDA requirements. Most insurance companies require at least two prior antidepressant trials, and for patients to be taking an oral antidepressant, during the course of Spravato® treatment.