How Spravato® Heals.

Long standing stress, anxiety, and depression weaken connections in the brain for thinking and mood. Spravato® works differently than traditionally prescribed medications.

  • Fast relief for treatment-resistant depression.
  • Change when other medications have not worked.
  • A different pathway of healing in the brain unlike traditional oral medications.

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Why Heading?

Heading offers innovative treatment options, like Spravato®, along with personalized care plans.

You get a team of support from psychiatrists, therapists, and mental health professionals helping you heal from depression, anxiety, and other long-standing conditions. 

How Spravato® Heals.



Mental Health Care

Affordable and Transformative Care.

Faster healing with Heading psychiatrists & therapists working together.

Accessible and affordable taking most insurance and easy to schedule with no-waitlists.

Better outcomes through a personalized, team-driven approach to evidence-based care.

Exceptionally safe and supportive in a relaxing, private space with a medical professionals on hand.

Why Heading?

Faster healing with psychiatrists and therapists working together for you.

Better outcomes with a personalized approach to evidence-based care.

Accessible, taking insurance, and convenient scheduling with no wait-lists.

Exceptionally safe and supportive environment in a relaxed, private space with medical professionals on-hand.

This breakthrough medication offers fast, transformational treatment for depression and anxiety. Spravato® offers hope for health and healing when other methods have failed to offer relief. 

Spravato® offers hope when other methods have failed to bring relief. 

  • Targets a different brain pathway than traditional oral medications
  • Restores connections for mood and thinking that were weakened by long standing stress.
  • Works more rapidly than traditional prescriptions

Try a new approach. 

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Finally. Feel Like You Again.

Spravato® for Depression.

Find healing with a new approach for major depression. Spravato® is an FDA-approved medication that offers faster results when treatments have not. 69% of people experienced rapid relief when other approaches have failed.  Insurance accepted. 

Not finding the depression relief you need? Try a new approach. 69% of patients found relief when other treatments had failed. 

 Spravato® (esketamine) therapy offers healing on a deeper level. Insurance accepted.

Spravato® Nasal Spray for Treatment Resistant Depression.

Are traditionally prescribed SSRIs not offering you the relief you need?

Dallas / Trophy Club

Ketamine Care Near You.


"Incredible place! Ketamine treatment has been transformative, and the medical staff is compassionate and attentive. So grateful to have found this place!"

Alexandria R.

Dallas, Texas

"Spravato has been life changing, and the care received at Heading Health is top notch. I feel very fortunate to have found such a caring doctor with an innovative, effective treatment protocol."

Katelyn G.

Austin, Texas

"I appreciated the opportunity to meet with someone to discuss my needs and find the best treatment for me."

Racquel C.


"I love the Heading Health staff in trophy club so much. They’ve helped me with my journey with Spravato, and I also have a therapist set up here as well. Kind and loving people!!"

Emmie A.

Dallas, Texas

"Incredible staff with a very “Zen” feeling office. Everyone is so friendly and helpful from the minute your hand touches the door handle. Could not recommend this place more"

Chase J.

Austin, Texas

"Heading Health in Trophy Club has the best nurses and doctors! They show genuine care and are very sweet and friendly. Love them! Also a very nice, clean, and comfortable facility."

Myers B.

Dallas, Texas

"Spravato has changed my life. I’m the old me again and the team at Heading Health is wonderful and kind and make the process so easy. I’m so grateful for this treatment and treatment team."

Karlie R.

Austin, Texas

"Very easy to go from "I need to find a therapist" to wow I love my therapist! Bonnie is great, I always look forward to our appointments and feel much better afterward."

Gary R.


"Absolutely thrilled that I found Heading Health and my therapist, Andrea. It has been amazing would highly recommend 10 out of 10."

Nathan R.

Austin, Texas

"Oh my god. I have genuinely NEVER felt more cared for. Crispin Feliciano absolutely blew me away with how patient, understanding, and just overall sweet he was with me. Another place dropped me. And within three days Heading Health got me an intake and starting therapy!"

Mason N.


"The staff at Heading Health is fantastic! My 8-week treatment experience there was one of the best I've ever had in a medical setting."

John C.

Dallas, Texas

"I would highly recommend Heading Health. All providers I have encountered have been friendly, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable."

Bailey N.


"They will help you reach your goals. The information and treatment they provide you is of a high standard and I trust their expertise in helping me make decisions about my mental health. Very glad I made the decision to receive care at Heading Health."

Logan K.


"I have been working with a counselor and psychiatrist at Heading Health for about 6 months. I really appreciate their vast knowledge and kindness. If you need help, this is a great place!"

Brooke R.


Life changing Results from People Just Like You.


Affordable, Doctor-Supervised Ketamine Therapy

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Takes Insurance
$20 Average*
$500+ per treatment
$195+ per treatment
Board Certified Psychiatrists & Licensed Therapists on Staff
Ketamine Therapy, Medication Management, and Talk Therapy Available
Safe & Supervised Doctors & Nurses on hand to safely, monitor your session and meet your needs.
Ketamine & Spravato® Available
* dependent upon insurance coverage.
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