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Company Overview

Our mission at Heading Health is to empower patients and their care teams to achieve mental wellbeing through the most effective and affordable treatments, with access supported by technology. In 2020, Heading was founded by a talented team of clinicians, human-centered designers, and technologists. Based in Austin, Texas, Heading’s initial offering has inspired patients, clinicians, and investors. Now Heading is ready to start growing state-wide and nation-wide! 

Registered Nurse

At Heading Health, we seek considerate and driven individuals in our centers to exceed patient expectations every day. Having an energized and technically sound Nurse is essential to delivering quality care and creating success in our centers. The Registered Nurse is responsible for ensuring the well-being of our patients and for providing a positive, supportive environment for patients and other staff while working in conjunction with physicians, advanced practitioners, front office and clinical staff. 


Heading Core Responsibilities: 

  • Has a contagious and positive work ethic and inspires others. 
  • Demonstrates effective verbal and written communication that is clear, well-organized, and shows an understanding of audience needs. 
  • Make each patient feel informed, understood, and special through genuine and positive communication.  
  • Maintains the perseverance to drive and sustain the changes that occur at Heading, while being resilient and flexible, and inspiring and motivating the team. 
  • Adherence to standards of business conduct and compliance.
  • Provides clear direction to achieve goals, creating an environment that fosters team commitment and employee engagement. 
  • Acts as an effective team player who contributes valuable ideas and feedback and can be counted on to meet commitments. 
  • Embraces the Heading environment by facing tasks and challenges with energy and passion.  

Major Responsibilities for the Registered Nurse:  

Patient Care: 

  • Assess, screen, triage and perform treatment ordered for patients. 
  • Perform medical treatment as ordered by provider or established Heading standing orders. 
  • Assists the provider with examinations, procedures and other duties. 
  • Oversee and coordinate the daily patient care flow, assisting and participating in all aspects of patient care for all patients within the center. 
  • Assist patients as needed with walking, transfer, specimen collection, exam preparation, etc. 
  • Apply the use of logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions and approaches to problems. 
  • Ensure the well-being of patients and provide a positive, supportive environment for patients and other staff. 
  • Complete patient referrals daily. 
  • Assist the provider with calling patients and informing them of normal lab and imaging results reviewed by the provider. 
  • Proper, concise and complete EHR documentation and/or paper-based documentation for all assessments and procedures. 
  • Comply with and follow policies and procedures as outlined by Heading Health. 
  • Maintains HIPAA compliance at all times. 
  • Other duties as assigned such as new models of care and new types of procedures   

Learning and Ongoing Education: 

  • Maintain clinical skills and competency for all procedures and participate in training and mentoring of other clinical staff members. 
  • Completes clinical competency evaluation/review as determined by leadership. 
  • Maintain technical skills and apply new knowledge to positions according to Heading policy. 
  • Maintain knowledge of Medical Terminology and standards of nursing care. 
  • Maintain knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe work environment. 
  • Read and keep up to date on all Heading Communications. 
  • Complete all assigned training. 

Center Readiness and Maintenance: 

  • Assist in maintaining all quality control, clinic inspection, and machine maintenance on a daily basis and report any and all discrepancies appropriately. 
  • Manage inventory of supplies; restock exam/procedure rooms. 
  • Comply with requirements of appropriate regulatory agencies (i.e. OSHA, CLIA and Department of Health). 
  • Maintain and comply with all Heading Health Accreditation site assessment requirements. 
  • Maintain clinical supplies and equipment and ensure proper storage of biohazards. 
  • Prepare patient rooms, set up instruments and equipment according to protocol. 
  • Clean exam/procedure rooms, instruments and equipment between patient visits to maintain infection control. 
  • Clean according to scheduled maintenance programs and keeping appropriate records. 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Qualifications: 

  • A minimum of 2 years of clinical nursing experience. 
  • Current state license required. 
  • Certifications: BLS and ACLS (preferred) 
  • Infusion therapy, ED or outpatient experience preferred. 
  • Excellent communication skills – must be able to communicate with patients as well as medical staff. 
  • Ability to follow OSHA and HIPAA guidelines. 

Working Conditions: 

This role is center-based and requires working in a clinical setting. The noise level is moderate. It will require the ability to stand and sit for hours at a time (with some bending and stooping), ability to use manual dexterity in relation to clinical requirements, and ability to lift 50 lbs. Hours may vary based on location, patient volume, and business needs. 

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